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Out on bail...

Hey kids,
Yeah, so I haven't written in a while. I left my house for a bit, and got arrested and tossed in jail. Super. So now I have to go to my arraignment on Wednesday. I'm not too happy, I have to wear a tie and dress up (yuck). But hopefully my case will just be dropped.

So I guess that's all I have to say.

I miss all my friends.
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Awww you didn't even give the stupid story that goes along with it? Like why you got thrown in jail... "grand theft auto" my ass... good thing that black guy in jail find out why it was grand theft auto he would of laughed then maybe kill you for lying. Haha. Eh you know im messing with you. well i hope all goes well in your "arrainment" whatever that is. Do you know if your for sure going back to Idaho... cause you didn't mention it. OOps maybe that wasn't supposed to be said. whatever. anyway i'll talk to you soon. and if you do go there i hope we can see eachother once before you go...
luv Ya
I'm definitely not going to Idaho. No matter what. And as of now, it looks like my case will simply be dropped. So I'm extra psyched about that. So yeah, I'll fill you in with all the details later.

"I love you... whatever that means"


P.S. I miss talking to you
ok well "ace" the comment i just replyed with on my journal, except for the missing talking to you. Don't worry i'm out of school after friday and we can talk a lot more... i've jsut had so much homework. And i hate you... j/k. Anyway well i'll talk to ya when i'll talk to ya
what is your userpic?

it resembles a vienna sausage. that, or i'm just crazy. heheh.
well thanks for making me laugh i never even thought of that until now... it's actually a candy lipstick.
I know we haven't talked much lately, and its my fault, but just wanna say that I hope everything works out. I feel like I haven't been there for ya, and I'm sorry. Talk to you soon. -Thanh

P.S. I SUPERLY like your new lj pix.
It's okay that we haven;t talked, I mean I missed ya, but life's been moving pretty fast, I haven't really talked to anyone. It's to the point where if I see even Tyler in public it would be like "Long time no see... what are you up to?" So yeah, it's not completely your fault we haven't talked. Anyway, hope that changes. See you around.
hope everything turns out fine..
why don't you write in your journal anymore?
hey whats up? You don't know me, and your prolly like "Who the fuck is this guy?" Well, my name is dan. I stumbled onto your journal through the common interest taking back sunday. If you are a fan of tbs, and are willing to sample new music, I would like to suggest my band to you. We are called a second chance. We have played shows with taking back sunday, the starting line, the early november, hidden in plainview, matchbook romance, keepsake, allister, the riddlin kids, etc... the list goes on and on. If you are interested we are featured on purevolume http://www.purevolume.com/asecondchance We have had some offers from some record labels, but not signed yet. We are waiting for the right offer. If you think that the music is good, please feel free to im me at dansimons9 or go to our page http://www.ascrock.com and sign the guestbook. Thank u so much, and sorry for taking up ur time
hey there! i see that you like taking back sunday...a lot of people say my band sounds like them. we're called my hostage (formerly as fuel to flame) and are from jacksonville florida. we have ex-members of evergreen terrace and bayside. come check us out and add us to your friend's list!

Cool LJ. I came across it from searching the interests thing (thrice). Your comment thing is funny. Anyway, good luck with your case.


August 7 2004, 09:31:14 UTC 13 years ago

I know the promoting of communities probably annoys you.
but will you come check out the community
fill out an application and join.


August 28 2004, 11:54:22 UTC 13 years ago

hey hey hey
we have an lj



"i'm writing again, these letters to you"