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I will bring you down...

I don't regret.


Because I initially never cared? ...

In some cases, yes.

In most, no, it's just because it's pointless to feel bad about feeling bad. It's a lose-lose situation, and it's also a situation that I don't care to be part of.

That's what makes me who I am.

I guess that's just what I believe.

If you like it, okay, if you don't, even better. It will give you something to cry about, but I no longer am gonna sit through, participate, or keep fueling your whinning. And if I start it, you have to realize that I don't care, so why should you...

This is to no one in particular, so don't think I'm targeting you with my little speech.

"You're so understanding but so far from the truth..."

I could have said that to myself a million times before, but I really don't wanna look back at times I was wrong. So what? I was. Now I've grown, or I haven't. So I'll make the same mistake again, it didn't kill me the first time, and I'll take my chances with it now.

How can you say that your heart feels these ways,
When you can't give me one reason I should feel the same?
I think we both know, were this is gonna go,
Around in a circle I gotta stop it right here.

I don't feel the same, so drop it,
This is such a pain, get off it,
You're making yourself feel worse,
For nothing but words you rehearsed,
Drop the act,
You're not gonna accomplish those things that you thought.
I won't feel bad,
For standing in a they way of your plans,
I'm only standing where I plan to be in life.

No grief from you could make me feel remorse,
For feeling what I do, but, you of course,
You thought I should feel these ways that I don't,
Will I change for you? Hell no I won't...
So don't expect the unexpected,
I'll be less than where you left it last.

Comment on this, I'm not asking I'm telling, because I'm a jerk like that. But I hope you comment anyhow. Even though I'm a jerk.
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