Jason (nothingspecial) wrote,

Shattered Glass and Stars

Street lights glow dim tonight,
As I think of where you are I start to regret,
Things we never had any control of,
But somehow are the things I can't ever forget,

How could it hurt so bad, when it wasn't my fault,
How could I still care when I tried to make this dissapear,
This feeling is so hard to ignore when I'm sleeping on someone else's floor,
When I'm living for the moment and you're living for their law...

So is it okay to steal you away,
To a hilltop where we can watch the stars and sh*t,
And talk about how we feel about it all, and we can believe in eachother,
It's too hard for me to believe in myself when I'm alone...

As I step on shattered glass,
I remember my past,
At last it seems like a blast,
Without them holding me back,

Can you share this feeling of love for nothing and everything with me?
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