Jason (nothingspecial) wrote,

Squirt Guns and Mall Runs...

Last night was so rad. It started with Dan giving me a random call saying that he'd be over shortly. So I was pretty stoked, and being bored and without a damn thing to do that night was not working out for me. So he comes over with his sister and her boyfriend and we head out to the mall. Yes, Grossmont, the same mall I was banned from last summer. Most of the stores were closed which ed me off, but target was open. So, immediately I drag Dan to the toy section where we find these rad squirt guns (Super Soakers, just like elementary school). We decide to get em since they're so cheap. Our plan was to fill them up in the fountains, but this total ass of a security gaurd stops us and of course decides to hassle us (which I don't blame him for, if I looked like an overstuffed f*ckin' sock monkey I'd have done it too...). He he gives us his talk and we leave, but plan to sneak around the back to an old fountain that no one usually goes by. So as we are heading over there, that same security gaurd sees us and threatens to call the cops... what an assh*le. I'd already been in enough trouble with the coppers around there, and if I got caught again I could have been thrown in jail (or so they say). But we say we are going to the car and sneak off to the fountain anyhow. Well right after we fill up on ammo... we decide to pull a full on raid on Dans sister who's in the mall... we'd run through, squirt her and her boyfriend and tell them to follow us as we fled the scene... decent plan right? Well halfway down the walkway to the theatres, the rent-a-cop turns the corner with his pal. So, I freak and pull a 180 advising Dan to do the same. We ran like Forrest until we got to a big dumpster which we hid behind. The security gaurd searched around but didn't see us back there... just then we saw Rosa and her boyrfriend walk by so I decided to get the hell outta there. Little did we know how many units those pigs had on us (haha). Just as we book it from our dumpster hide away, I start to notice two guys on foot after us... and then a security car... then another guy, and another car and one more guy (for those keeping score that's two cars and four men on foot). So the car actually screeches and slides (Last Action Hero style) in front of us and a guy tell us this "I heavily suggest you guys leave". That's it?! After all that he gives me a suggestion? I should have squirted that f*cker in the face, so we left in peace and laughed our asses off. Good times.
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