Jason (nothingspecial) wrote,

Lie to me... it'll ease your broken heart.

I can't read those lies that you insist on writing anymore,
Seems you cut me down to size just twice too many times before,
So put me in the past, I'm just f*cked up memory of yours,
A picture frame with shattered glass, with my picture torn up on the floor...

But now, you've lied to your own self,
Just to move on through this hell,
Just to get through one more night,
Just don't tell me all those lies your living...

I remember when we'd laugh and talk on the phone all night long,
A perfect romance built from scratch, nothing felt so wrong,
Was I wrong when I spoke of undying love on that cold November night?
Do you remember when warmth inside yourheart told you what was right?

But now, you make it okay in your mind,
To be so absolutely blind,
To make the best of nothing much,
To forget all of our trust we once had...

So lie to them, I'll always know the truth,
Just know how much it hurts being inside my shoes,
Just to care so much and get none of it back...

If I died tonight would it even matter?
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