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"Paint it black and just forget me..."

WooHoo! I really want some ink done. I've figured out what I want and where I want them, so now I just gotta go get them, and, of course, get the money for them. All my life I've admired tatts, and now I'm finally gonna get one, I'm so excited! Hooray! And they all mean something really special in my life... so I'm not just getting a flower on my hip because I think it's cute (although... that would be hot...)
I actually drew it all out... it's of a pile of skulls that have broken chains wraped around them and it's all on fire, and behind the chaos, there's a pair of devlish wings rising up... it's so sick. It's not like I'm just getting it because it looks cool, I drew it out myself, which was one of the most important things for me, and it means a lot, like it's all symbolic. So don't think I'm some foolish kid looking to be tough. Haha. I'm also gonna get some other stuff later including a four leaf clover and maybe some other things such as stars, a hand of cards *An ace, an 8,2, and a 4 and another ace*("whatever hand life deals you")... I also think I might get some lightning bolts on my forearms if somehow ife let's me do that (if I get some job where it's okay to have that). I really want a lot done, but it's pretty expensive. So that's that. Today I'm off to go find a place that will do it, and to see how much it will cost.

I'd really like to post my art of what the tatt would look like... but I have no clue how to do it, so maybe someone could help?

Okay well, talk to you all later.
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