Jason (nothingspecial) wrote,

Boredoms Result

about me]
[time] 2:05 AM
[name] Jason
[do you like it?] I guess... hasn't done me any wrong
[nicknames] Jase or Jay (my sister is the only one who called me that...)
[birthday] 7-29-84
[crush] F*ck... I'd much rather not think about it
[birthplace] St. Louis

[color(s)] grey, red, brown, black
[month] Hmm... never gave it much thought, some month of summer... I suppose.
[season] Summer
[cd] Sum 41::All Killer No Filler
[movie(s)] Campy horror films, Mr. Toads Wild Ride...
[sport] Uh,... no thanks.
[tv show] The Cosby Show, Newhart, Munsters, Gilligan's Island, Batman...

[this or that]
[coke or water] Coke, mmm... can't get enough of that sweet sweet coke... *slurps from the soda fountain*
[day or night] Night
[aol or aim] AIM
[jeans or khakis] Jeans... khakis are for private schools...
[car or truck] Car
[lunch or dinner] Dinner
[sliver or gold] Silver
[alchohol or weed] Neither, they're so bad for you.

[love and relationships]
[do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend] Nope.
[who was your first love] Jess
[what do you miss about him/her] Heh, everything.

[the past]
[what is one thing you would change about your past] Some lies I've lived
[last thing you heard] "My Kindergarten teacher was Mr. Feeny"
[last thing you saw] Corey Mathews
[last thing you said] God this show es me off sometimes...
[last thing you read] An old note I found
[what is the last cd you heard] Sum 41::Does This Look Infected?
[who was the last person(s) you laughed with] My friend Robby
[who was the last person you were on the phone with] Jen

[the present]
[what are you wearing] Brown Dickies, a Flogging Molly shirt, my watch and some shoes...
[who are you talking to] No one
[what are you listening to] Sum 41:: Hell Song
[where are you] At my house
[are you online] Yep
[how are you feeling] Bored

[the future]
[what day is tomorrow] Saturday
[what are you doing after this] Maybe going to sleep
[who are you going to talk to] Uh, no one, it's too late
[where are you going to go] My room
[what is one of your dreams] To make my life worthwhile
[where will you be in twenty-five years] Um, hopefully married... with a hell of a past.

[have you ever]
[drank] Yeah
[smoked] Yeah
[stolen] Yeah
[done anything illegal] Yeah
[hit someone] Yeah

[do you write in cursive or print] Print
[are you a righty or a lefty] Right
[do you have glasses or braces] Nope

[physical appearance]
[what do you most like about your body] Um... couldn't say
[and least] Um, couldn't say either
[what do you notice first about a 'crush'] Their personality, if I really have a crush on them, that's what does it.

[have you ever]
[pictured your crush ] Yeah
[actually seen your crush ] Yeah
[been in love] Yeah
[cried when someone died] Yeah
[drove drunk] Nope
[fallen for your best friend] Nope
[rejected someone] Yeah
[used someone] Nope
[been cheated on] Nope
[done something you regret] Yeah, but I try to not think of it.

[do you]
[color your hair] Yeah
[ever get off the computer] Yeah
[habla espanol] Who you callin' a ?
[dance] If you could call it that
[sing] Not well, but I give it a shot

[whats your favorite fruit] Dan... I mean, pineapple...
[what hurts the most, physical pain or emotional pain] Emotional

[final questions]
[i want] Her
[i need] Her
[i wish] Things would just get better
[i love] Her
[i fear] That she knows
[i wonder] If she thought of kissing me the other day...
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