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Send a smile to Mom and Dad, let them know I'm never gonna come back...

So I guess on Thursday I'm moving out, and right now I have no where to go. Yeah, I'm scared, and right now I just feel sickened by all the sh*t I've put up with to get to this point. So I guess I won't be talking to all you much anymore. Maybe an entry or two more... but for now here's my last song.

I know that I ruined your life,
You've told me that too many times,
And I'm so worthless in your eyes,
Because I'm so different than you two,
I guess I'll never amount to anything,
So keep second guessing what I do,
And I'm stupid for not falling in line,
But the right line is so wrong in my mind...

So you say
I'll never be the son you wanted,
I'll always fall short of all your hopes,
So you say...

Pick my life apart, I never really cared,
I look back at all those times you made me scared,
I guess I always knew our opposing thoughts,
Were too different to make sense to each other,
And those times you had a few too many,
And hit her til' she cried in front of me,
It makes me sick to see a smile on your face,
I wish my memorries with you would burn in hell,

So you say,
I'll never be the son you wanted,
I'll never live the life you want me to lead,
So you say...

You took me in and turned your back,
And wished me gone until I cried,
You're so sickened but my dissapointing life,
You should have realized that I can't be you.

Deal with me and how I am.
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