Jason (nothingspecial) wrote,

Ladies and gentlemen...

Here's a song...

It's all been lost but found,
In different states of mind,
The tables turned around,
I guess that I've been blind...
I find that within trust in you,
I'm lost and again, and I'm the fool,
I'm sick of being part of this dumb game,
So I'll throw it all away,
It's gone, your never coming back,
(and I don't care)
I was wrong, it's not in what I lack,
(cause it was there)
Moving on, never felt so good before,
I'm glad to see you stumble out the door...

These games you tried to play,
Were messing with my head,
Take back those things you say,
And all those things you said,
So now I have nowhere to turn,
I'm not any of your concern,
It's hard for me to think of what I was,
And not realize my mistakes,

I'm so sick,
Of putting up with sh*t,
It seems like what you are is fake as hell,
It's something for yourself to sell,
To people like your friends,
I'm done with it this is the end,
I'll never have to deal with thios again...

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